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What we do

ProofCore consults on, creates and manages distributed ledger technology solutions, for government departments, banks, consortiums or individual companies, especially where trust is an issue. Opt to join one of our existing chains or work with us to create your own.

ProofCore uses Multichain open source software, based on Bitcoin Core technology - battle tested and effective.

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Our Projects

These are the current projects we are working on.
If you would like to work with us to create your own Blockchain, chat to us.

Fiat on the Blockchain

Multi currency Fiat backed by regulated custodians. Exchange with other tokens, use in fintech applications or as payment method.

Decentralized Exchange

Cryptocurrencies represented as tokens on the PCM chain. Decentralized trading against other currencies, tokens and Fiat.

Custom Token Creation

Create, run and share your custom currency blockchains for rewards, internal currencies, physical backed assets and more.

KYC Chain

Store know your customer status (KYC) within streams on our KYC Chain. Earn revenue when companies check status. Link to other chains to grant permissions.

Supply Chain / Provenance

Track products and add metadata through the supply chain, use our apps, api or integrate with your own software.

Triple Ledger

Store hashed digests of transaction data for invoices, purchase orders - Use our apps, api or integrate with your own POS or accounting software.

Notary Chain

Store timestamped, hashed digital digests of physical or digital data, signed by Notaries or store as proof of existence.


Fair & transparent voting on a blockchain. From communities, companies or governments.


No more counterfeit tickets - Use our API or integrate within your own ticketing solutions.









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