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What we do

ProofCore consults on, creates and manages distributed ledger technology solutions, for government departments, banks, consortiums or individual companies, especially where trust is an issue.

ProofCore specialises in use of Multichain for private permissioned blockchain and data storage, Ethereum for smart contract development, and Stellar for anything Fintech related.

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Our Projects

These are the current projects we are working on.
Talk to us if you want advice on your own projects

Digital Fiat

Multi currency Fiat backed by regulated custodians, using Stellar for transfer and FX swaps.

Decentralized Exchange

Cryptocurrencies represented as tokens on the PCM chain. Decentralized trading against other currencies, tokens and Fiat.

Custom Token Creation

Create, run and share your custom currency blockchains for rewards, internal currencies, physical backed assets and more.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Issuing Identity tokens using Ethereum ERC1155 smart contract. Consensus based voting in or out of Identity Issuers, so they can issue their own tokens.

Supply Chain / Provenance

Non Fungible Tokens created on Ethereum, and tracked using Multichain.

Triple Ledger

Storing hashed digests of transaction data for invoices and purchase orders.

Notary Chain

Store timestamped, hashed digital digests of physical or digital data, signed by Notaries or store as proof of existence.


Fair & transparent voting on blockchain. From communities, companies or governments.


Anti counterfeit tickets, using Ethereum ERC1155 to create Non FUngible Tokens as tickets that can be sold, transferred, proven, or burned after use.

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